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  • Best Tips of Choosing a Handbag that’s Both Aesthetically Pleasing and Suit Your Style

    Handbags are important accessories that can add varied dimensions to your style statement. Do you feel confused while choosing the right handbags for you? If so, this blog will surely help you choose a handbag that best suits your personality and is also beautiful. When choosing a handbag you should keep certain things in mind apart from its visual appeal which are its comfort ability, size, style, and so on. This blog highlights a few tips that would surely make your next handbag purchase worthwhile. Read on to know more about these expert tips: Ensure its Carrying Comfort Similar to your clothing, your handbag should also have a comfort level as per your preference. You should see if it’s comfortably sitting on your shoulder and not sliding off. This factor of handbags depends on their design. You may like a look of a bag but if it is not comfortable, you should not go for it. It is better to identify the comfort level and not resent after a hasty purchase decision. Make Sure it’s Light If you are a fan of leather handbags, you should ensure the weight of the same while choosing. Leather handbags can sometimes be heavy, which will make them uncomfortable to carry. It is not a better option to choose a heavy bag that can hurt your back due to prolonged use. Be Sure of the Size and Inner Pockets Before choosing the perfect bag for you, you should analyse if the size of the bag suit you. Ensure that it has the right kind of pockets inside and will suffice your needs. This will surely help you to carry the desired things inside the bag. As this is a personal choice, you should be sure that the bag you are choosing fits you well. Check on the Designs If you love colours, you can have a collection of handbags in different colours. On the other hand, you can also go for uniquely designed bags which is aesthetically pleasing. Detailed designs can make a bag unique. You can add spice to your style statement with beautifully designed handbags. Ensure the Factor of Versatility You can either have bags for different purposes or you can have a single bag that you want to carry with you daily. In both cases, the versatility of designs comes into play. Choosing a handbag with a versatile design can be the right pick in the long run. Hopefully, now you have a fair idea of how to choose the best handbag which will be both beautiful and suit your specific style.

  • Look Amazing and feel Confident

    Blue Iris Moda is proud to promote a wonderful range of beautiful and comfortably fitting headwear/turbans of European design for ladies and girls that have experienced hair-loss for whatever reason. Trendy and fashionable - create your look! True beauty comes from within and you are beautiful. But sometimes you just want to try something that is a little different. Click the video below. Blue Iris Moda

  • Essential Accessories for Your Wardrobe

    Accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. When we get dressed in the morning, it's not just the clothes that we put on that structure our 'look'. The way we accessories and embellish those clothes has a big impact on the overall image we project to the world when we walk out the door. It's important, therefore, to invest time and money into establishing an accessory collection that can be drawn from when the occasion (and outfit) calls for it. The best thing about accessories is that they can be transferred and reused with multiple outfits. You can transform an outfit with the accessories that you wear, giving you more wardrobe options and 'looks' to choose from. Here's a list of a few accessory essentials that every girl should own. - Bags. No matter the occasion or the outfit, most girls carry a bag with them at all times. Bags are usually kept - or held close - to our body, and it's important to make sure that your handbag adds, rather than detracts from your outfit. An oversized tote bag, for example, will spoil an elegant evening dress and heels. It's important to have a wide range of occasion-appropriate bags to choose from. Invest in day time and work bags, evening clutches, smaller totes and casual handbags. - Jewellery. Jewellery is the most ubiquitous fashion accessory, but because it's the fall back gift, it's often overlooked as something to buy for yourself. Sentimental jewellery is important, but so too are some standout and unique pieces. A simple black JAG dress, for example, can be transformed with a decorative or striking necklace. It's important, however, to not wear too much jewellery. Sometimes less is more, and some outfits will benefit from understated jewellery choices. - Sunglasses. Every girl needs a great pair of sunglasses. While they perform a specific and important function, they are also fashion items that can alter an outfit. When it comes to sunglasses, the style that suits you will be dependent on the shape of your face. So make sure that you pick a style that works for you, as opposed to the newest sunglasses trend. - Hair accessories. Hair accessories are not only for young girls. While they should be carefully selected by older women (steer away from coloured clips and scrunchies!), they can add a bit of pizzazz to an outfit. Embellished headbands and slides for evening wear can give you and your outfit a sophisticated and polished look. Whatever your style, accessories are an important part of your wardrobe and image. Whether you like to wear Esprit or Ben Sherman, online or retail accessory shopping should not be a forgotten undertaking! Accessories your clothing to make you and your outfits stand out. Whatever your style, accessories are an important part of your wardrobe and image. Whether you like to wear Esprit or retail accessory shopping should not be a forgotten undertaking! Accessories your clothing to make you and your outfits stand out. The way you look can change your life. Consider these great fashion labels

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